Draw Something update brings Facebook and Twitter sharing

Be prepared for Drawsome pictures to dominate your social networking feeds

Draw Something gets some social updates, while the game's boss says he still has his sights on turning the hit smartphone game into TV show.

The phenomenally successful Draw Something app has been updated to allow users to save and share their favourite doodles on Twitter and Facebook.

The app, which along with its developer OMGPOP was recently acquired by Zynga for $180, has also added an undo feature into the mix, which means you can just delete your last touch rather than messing around with the fiddly eraser or starting the whole drawing from scratch.

The update to the iOS and Android applications, which have been downloaded a whopping 50 million times since their launch in the last couple of months, also gives players the opportunity to include a short message of 100 characters along with their picture.

Dan Porter, formerly boss of OMGPOP and now a VP and General Manager at Zynga told the Guardian that the new features could see a return to the kind of user data Draw Something was enjoying at its peak late last month.

He told The Guardian: "I'm like everybody else: I think I could wake up the next day and nobody could be playing the game!"

"The game is very dynamic based on who you're playing, and it can be so personal, which is why I think it will continue to connect people. Those connections are something that contributes to the longevity."

Porter also said that the company still has visions of the app crossing over into a TV show format, where users can play along, using their device as a second screen.

"We feel like it's a game, but it's also a media property. We want to find ways for people to engage with it and enjoy it on multiple different platforms," he added.

"Everybody in Hollywood and in sports is already thinking about second-screen, and it's one of those things that hasn't been totally tapped open. And I don't think there's ever been a [hit] game show that's started as a digital or board game. That's something that interests a lot of people."

Via: Guardian