Apple iPad tops Christmas list, says T3 readers

Apple products are king as poll shows festive wish list

Nokia and Windows Phone spurned in favour of Apple gifts

Last week we asked you what you’d most like for Christmas, from a raft of this quarter’s best and most desirable tech. We gave you 9 options and asked what you’d most like to see under the tree on the 25th, and the results were quite surprising…

The T3 Facebook page routinely receives a lot of very anti-Apple comments, and yet the results clearly peg the Cupertino company’s products at the Christmas top spot.

While Only 2.63 per cent of you are after a Windows Phone 7 handset, and the same a Nokia N8, the top three slots were taken up by the iPhone 4, MacBook Air and Apple iPad – with 16.45, 19.74 and 30.92 per cent respectively.

In between that, the HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy Tab each garnered 8.55 per cent of the votes, while Kinect found favour with 6.58 per cent of you and Playstation Move a miserly 3.95.

Pretty conclusive stuff, then, as you revealed your true Apple-loving ways. All we can say is: If any of you receive all three of the Apple’s top placing tech for Christmas, you’d be very lucky indeed.