Amazon to launch Kindle web app to rival Google eBooks

New app will allow full titles in web browser

Amazon to hit back at Google today.

Amazon is prepared to react quickly to Google's attempts to muscle in on the ebook market by launching a Kindle for the Web app to bring full titles to your browser.

Reports suggest that Amazon is set to make the announcement before the close of play today, with demonstrations of how it will work also forthcoming.

The news comes after Google officially announced its eBookstore yesterday, which brings full titles to the web, Apple's iPad and iPhone as well as Android phones. They'll also work on the Sony Reader range and the Barnes & Noble Nook, which has been a huge hit stateside.

Amazon currently has apps for a huge range of mobile devices as well as the ultra successful standalone Kindle devices, but currently users are unable to view full titles on their desktop or laptop, via the web. A beta version of Kindle for Web does allow ebook fans to sample the first chapter or two before they buy.

Link: Kindle (via Computer World)