100,000 Sony Vaios in Europe face overheating hazards

But Sony denies recalling the potentially affected Vaios

100,000 F11 and CW2 laptops in Europe could be affected by an overheating hazard.

Contrary to popular reports, Sony has denied issuing a recall of 0.5 million Vaio laptops from the F11 and CW2 series sold since January 2010, saying the overheating problem can be solved with a simple software upgrade.

Out of 535,000 units sold worldwide since January, 39 cases of overheating have been reported in Europe with none so far in the UK.

A spokesperson from Sony told T3 that the issue centres around the chassis overheating in the F11 and CW2 laptops, which in some cases could cause the plastic to "soften and warp". Other people have described this as "melting".

According to Sony, around 100,000 units of these two models have been sold across Europe since January, out of which two "warping" cases have been reported. There have been no complaints related to this specific issue from the UK as yet.

Customers who have registered their laptops with Sony will be contacted directly, while others can download the official Sony BIOS upgrade which will solve the overheating problem, caused by a malfunction in the laptops' temperature control system.

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There is a lot of confusion with conflicting reports on the supposed "recall". Across the pond, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a release saying the potentially affected laptops are beng "voluntarily recalled" and could pose a "burn hazard" to the users.

The CW2 series - an older model - is being sold at the Sony online retail store starting at £365, with the newer F11 series starting at £926.

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