5 People you need to follow on Twitter this month

Top tweeters that should be on your following list

Welcome to our month-by-month list of our favourite Twitter accounts. Some are funny, some are insightful - all are worth a click of the 'follow' button. We are calling it #FFF

Every month we bring you five new Twitter accounts that we feel are essential follow material for the keen tweeter. From great parody accounts that have tickled our funny bones, to the top sports star tweeters, we bring you T3's Five to Follow on Friday (or #FFF).

Whether you're an occasional tweeter, or a keen part of the twittersphere, here are the accounts we think are worth your time.

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Twitter Accounts to Follow: July 2012


This is the hub of London 2012's official Twitter plans, regularly tweeting excellent videos, pictures and opportunities to chat with athletes. As an added bonus, there are dedicated Twitter accounts for each individual olympic sport too.

Example Tweet: "Want to hang out with the fastest man in the world? Don’t miss our G+ Hangout with @UsainBolt at 7:15pm!"


One of Twitter's finest parody accounts, Christian Grey moves over for the sexual chronicles of semi-namesake Andy.

Example Tweet: "After the five hour romp, they shared a cigarette. "Was I any good?" she asked nervously. "You'd struggle on a cold night at The Britannia."


Anti Joke Cat doesn't strictly do jokes. It delivers cold hard facts which, ironically, often turn out to be equally hilarious.

Example Tweet: "A pregnant woman walks into a bar. The bartender refuses to give the woman alcohol because he acknowledges a health risk to her unborn baby."


Arguably the best way to keep up to date with this summer's cricket, Agnew is as reliable and eloquent on Twitter as he is on the radio. Follow for regular score updates as well as opinions and behind the scenes bits from the Test Match Special commentary box.

Example Tweet: "Goodness knows what Michael Vaughan is wearing today. From this distance looks like he is auditioning for HMS Pinafore..."


A relative newbie on the Twitter scene, Carell has settled into 140-character life very nicely thanks very much, and his tweets, though sparing, are a great mixture of sharp wit and life musings.

Example Tweet: "I've decided to start tweeting words and phrases that I dislike intensely. First up: "Lunch-meats"."