Best driving shoes 2022: heel and toe in style

Look great, and feel the pedals with these top shoes for driving

Included in this guide:

A collection of tiled Tom Ford York Driving Shoes – sone of the best driving shoes you can buy

Driving shoes are a difficult subject. If you’re in the market for a pair then you’ve likely got a cool sports car, an interest in spirited driving and want greater feel from the pedals.

Trouble is, there’s a fine line between ‘attractive, comfortable shoes with a thin sole for added feel’ and ‘hey, why are you wearing bright red karting boots to the supermarket?’

We're here to help you toe the line, by selecting the very best driving shoes available to buy.

How to choose the best driving shoes

Haven't heard of driving shoes before? The idea is simple - they feature thin soles to help deliver an undiluted feel of the pedals to your feet. They also possess names like Maranello, which tread the oh-so-fine line between cool and nerdy, and a colour pallet stretching from inoffensive brown or navy, to louder-than-LaFerrari red and yellow.

Many of these shoes follow the mocassin design, where the sole and sides are made from one, continuous piece of leather or suede, with a one-piece or multi-piece rubber sole attached directly to the fabric. 

A ‘pebbled’ sole offers more flexibility and greater pedal feel, while a more traditional sole is more comfortable for walking - be it from paddock to podium or house to newsagents.

The 11 best driving shoes

Tod’s GomminoT3 Best Buy badge

1. Tod’s Gommino

A perfect balance between driving shoe and everyday wearability

Reasons to buy
+Available in a range of colours+Durable sole+Subtle navy blue

The Gommino by Tod’s were first developed more than 35 years ago, so you know you’re buying into an established cornerstone of the driving shoe market with these suede slip-ons. Finished in navy blue, they have a full black rubber sole, helping them stand up to a bit of inclement weather and day-to-day use, as well as being the shoe of choice for that Sunday morning drive.

Dune Barnacle leather driving loafersT3 Approved badge

2. Dune Barnacle leather driving loafers

Affordable brown leather kicks from Dune

Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Contrast stitching+Laces for sung fit

Good value considering the all-leather design, these driving loafers are by Dune of London. Unlike most driving shoes, they feature laces for providing a more snug fit. The soft brown leather extends all the way around the base of the shoe, while the sole is made up of 12 separate pieces of rubber and outlined by some neat contrast stitching.

Ugg Henrick StripeT3 Approved badge

3. Ugg Henrick Stripe

Don't hate these just because they're Uggs

Reasons to buy
+Stylish design+Contrasting sole+Well-made

Yes, we know. Ugg is better-known for those soft fluffy boots of the mid-2000s, but hear us out because these tan leather driving shoes feature precisely no fleece material. Instead, they offer a smart/casual look which manages to refrain from asking everyone what car they drive, and if they’d like to see a picture of your RS. The leather continues right around the base, which is decorated with a contrasting pale sole. These would look as at home on the deck of your boat as the footwell of your Lotus.

Tom Ford YorkT3 Approved badge

4. Tom Ford York

Uber fashionable loafers from Ford

Reasons to buy
+Worn by Drake+Gold chain detail+Lined with leather

If you're looking for the most fashionable driving shoes, look no further than Tom Ford's. His signature 'York' shoes are all over the brand's Instagram feed, and they were worn with nearly everything at the SS18 presentation in Milan. This version has been expertly crafted in Italy from plush navy suede and topped with hand-polished gold chains. They're lined in leather for maximum comfort.

Herring MaranelloT3 Approved badge

5. Herring Maranello

These bright shoes will make you stand out

Reasons to buy
+Bold colourway+Will match your Gulf livery race car
Reasons to avoid
-Maybe a little too bright, for everyday wear

Herring produces a wide range of driving shoes, but for those with petrol running their their veins the Maranello name makes these stand above the rest. With a traditional slip-on moccasin construction, these shoes are available in a range of colours from sensible blue, brown and black, to Rosso Corsa red (with yellow soles to match your brake calipers, naturally) and look-at-me Gulf Racing Aqua.

Puma Drift Cat 7T3 Approved badge

6. Puma Drift Cat 7

Descendants of the iconic Speed Cat

Reasons to buy
+Trainer-like+History+Rounded heel

Personally, we’re still mourning the demise of the Puma Speed Cat, the everyday driving shoe of the Nineties and Noughties and modelled on racing boots worn up and down the Formula One grid. Today’s equivalent is the Drift Cat 7, which features the same flat sole and low-slung look of its predecessor, and a rounded heel to help keep your ankle supported during long stints behind the wheel. We suggest you avoid the red ones with Ferrari badges on the side...

The Original Car ShoeT3 Approved badge

7. The Original Car Shoe

Established over 60 years ago

Reasons to buy
+The originals?+Essentially Pradas+Flexible and great feel

Established in 1963, Car Shoe was taken over by Prada in 2001 and has since been spotted selling its wares at the Goodwood Revival. These suede moccasin shoes feature striking red and blue laces, soft leather inners and a pebble-style sole spread across the full length and width of the shoe, boosting both flexibility and feel.

Loake HerbertT3 Approved badge

8. Loake Herbert

Worn by Senna himself

Reasons to buy
+Senna's choice+Contrast stitching+Great brand

We’ll get straight to the point here; these shoes are included because they were worn by Ayrton Senna. A famous video clip of the Brazilian F1 champion driving a Honda NSX around the Suzuka GP circuit put the Herbert’s front-and-centre as Senna performed ballet on the pedals.

Anyway...these Herberts don’t have the shiny leather of Senna’s, but look just as good in brown or tan suede with a pebbled sole and contrast white stitching.

Gucci Webbing-Trimmed Suede LoafersT3 Approved badge

9. Gucci Webbing-Trimmed Suede Loafers

Driving shoes for the Gucci Gang

Reasons to buy
+Signature red and green stripe+Espresso colour+Pebbled sole

These driving shoes, made by the famous Italian designer, evoke the sophistication of the Riviera lifestyle of the 1950s. They feature a classic loafer design, and are finished with an iconic green and red Gucci stripe. The sole is pebbled, and they can be worn sockless with cuffed trousers or rolled-up denim.

Reiss BentonT3 Approved badge

10. Reiss Benton

Laced up with a grip sole

Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Grip sole+Laced

A classic moccasin, these shoes by Reiss are elegantly constructed in Europe from premium suede. They are crafted with a grip sole, and boast threaded lace uppers with metallic eyelet detail for a nautical-inspired touch.

Alpinestars Tech 1-Z race bootsT3 Approved badge

11. Alpinestars Tech 1-Z race boots

You're not the Stig, you're the Stigs slower cousin

Reasons to buy
+FIA certified+Fire resistant+Lightweight
Reasons to avoid
-Not everyday shoes

If you clicked on this article looking for actual motorsport footwear, then we’re sorry for taking so long to get there. Anyway, here is a pair of boots you definitely can’t pass off as stylish Italian loafers. The Tech 1-Z boot by Alpinestars is made from lightweight kangaroo leather and has FIA 8856-2000 approval, which means they are fire resistant for when you run out of talent. Buy them in white and people will think you’re The Stig. Honest.

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