Xbox Series S Halo Infinite Edition is the ULTIMATE makeover the console needs

The all-digital Xbox Series S scraps the simple white aesthetic for a look that Master Chief would be proud of

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Xbox)

After a long wait, Microsoft finally revealed its Xbox Series S this week – the all-digital console that will sit alongside the Xbox Series X this November 10.

Microsoft's next generation was all set to launch with Halo Infinite, the newest instalment in a series that's been a staple of the platform since the first Xbox released. 

But the Xbox Series X lost its flagship title with news of a delay that has seen the game pushed back to 2021, which hasn't gone down well with fans. While there may be no new Halo this year, this Halo-themed Xbox Series S might make that reality a little easier to bear.      

Halo Inifinite Xbox Series S

(Image credit: XboxPope)

Designed by concept artist XboxPope, the Halo Infinite Xbox Series S ditches the clean, white aesthetic of the unveiled console for the grubby green palette of the franchise. 

The distressed finish and textured black detailing are based on Master Chief's iconic armor (we assume), and the 117 refers to his other moniker, John-117.

The controller has had a similar makeover, sporting a black and green colorway with a splash of orange, and emblazoned with the UNSC logo.      

We don't know if Microsoft has any plans for special editions of either of its consoles, like the PS5 and its promised "radical" designs, but XboxPope has been busy knocking up a Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox Series S to go along with his Cyerpunk 2077 PS5 design.

We'd love to see the new consoles make the most of their unique aesthetic by having Sony and Microsoft release special editions based on popular franchises the two companies have cultivated over the years, as well as brand new IP.

So far, neither has made mention of  any hardware other than the standard variants we've already been shown, but perhaps we'll be in for a surprise closer to launch.

We already know when the Xbox Series X will be up for pre-order, and while Sony has yet to spill the beans, we've prepped a PS5 pre-order guide for you to ensure you're among the first to snag one when they go live.  

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