Xbox Series S looks ultra sleek in this black edition

Microsoft surprised gamers with unannounced unveiling of the Xbox Series S along with its price

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Xbox)

Microsoft has yet to announce the pricing for the Xbox Series X, but is expected to be dropping the details in an event planned for this month where we were also expecting to see the unveiling of the all-digital Xbox Series S.

But thanks to a leak overnight, Microsoft decided to take matters into its own hands and unveil the digital-only console, along with its price and a brand new ad. 

The Xbox Series S will set you back $299/ £249.99 and is being marketed as the "smallest Xbox ever". The price is in line with the Windows Central leak that put the digital console at $299 and the Xbox Series X at $499, but everyone's attention is focused on its unique design, and how they think it could be improved.

If you'd prefer to see the Xbox Series S in black, like its big brother, then EdTKD's take on it will pique your interest, but just like the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, the Xbox Series S is likely to stick with the Robot White-esque colourway with the exception of any upcoming special editions.

Most of the other concepts we've seen involve utilising the circular grille to emblazon the iconic X onto, like this one from Twitter user Ian Lindsay.

A couple of other re-imaginings involve inverting the colours so that the black grille is white, with a black X, like this concept from MrRedMamba, or white-on-white like Luq Harith's design.

The best news about the announcement is that in comparison to the gargantuan PS5 and massive Xbox Series X, gamers opting for the digital-only console won't have to worry about fitting it into their TV cabinets.

We'll no doubt hear more about pre-orders and a release date at the next Xbox event this month.

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