Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in for a fight from THIS futuristic smartphone 🥊

Xiaomi has a surprise in store for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra next month

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Samsung's most recent smartphones have been offering users top notch camera specs and then some, with the  Galaxy S20 Ultra's slightly overkill 100x Super Resolution Zoom, and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's more measured 50x zoom.

But the Korean tech giant is going to have a fight on its hands – and much sooner than it thought – with the imminent launch of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, boasting its under-display camera technology that's set to "shock the world".

Xiaomi has been working on its under-display camera tech for a while now, but has yet to release it en masse on a commercial scale. But it looks like it's about ready to roll out, with a demo model of the Mi 10 Ultra touting the tech spotted on Chinese social media site Wiebo and later posted to Twitter by YouTuber Sahil Karoul.  

The company has shared its own comparison video showing off the new handset, and delved further into the details in a blog post saying its third generation under-display camera will be ready to launch next year, but Karoul suggests that Xiaomi could drop it early – as soon as next month – based on the apparent readiness of the device in the video.

The selfie cameras on smartphones have been a bugbear that manufacturers have been trying to overcome by making them as unobtrusive as possible in order to expand on the available screen space.

Apple appears to be the least concerned, sticking to its sizeable notch for the upcoming iPhone 12, but elsewhere, the front-facing camera has been shrunk down to a pinhole; being able to make it invisible is the next step in the evolution of the technology, and Xiaomi may have just nailed it.  

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