Samsung Galaxy S21 should steal this stunning design from LG

LG Wing showcases a bold new design that could be the future of smartphones

LG Wing
(Image credit: Sarang Sheth)

Last week, a video of an LG smartphone leaked that showed off an innovative approach to dual-screen technology in the era of foldable phones and dual display devices – like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip, and Microsoft's Surface Duo

The radical design demonstrates an alternative means of solving the hurdles foldables run into, while the name is likely inspired by its unique form factor; say hello to the LG Wing.  

Consisting of two stacked panels, the front display swivels up into landscape orientation, creating a T-shape reminiscent of the LG VX9400 – the smartphone of choice for self-proclaimed billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist, Tony Stark. 

Yanko Design's Sarang Sheth was inspired by LG Wing's illicit debut in the leaked video that was originally shared by Android Authority, and created a collection of stunning images that explore the applications of the handset.       

LG Wing

(Image credit: Sarang Sheth)

As Sheth points out, smartphone users are more likely to multitask on their phones when presented with panels that are separate and distinct from one another – like the Surface Duo – rather than a device that simply offers a larger screen on which the functionality will probably go unused.

Apps could also utilise the dual displays to make intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, like the option of watching a video on one screen, and having subtitles displayed on the other. 

Another huge advantage the LG Wing has over foldables is the absence of a hinge; the notorious chink in the original Galaxy Fold's armour; with the sliding mechanism safely inside the chassis, it's not going to fall prey to the pitfalls hinges present.       

Best of all is the fact that the LG Wing could offer a bezel-free experience by moving the front-facing camera to the rear panel, freeing up screen real estate on the front display with the added bonus of protecting the camera.

It's interesting to see the diverging paths smartphone manufacturers are taking in their quest to push the boundaries of evolving technology, while experimenting with extraordinary and exciting designs. We may even see a company like Samsung adapt its developing approach to dual-screens in time for the Galaxy S21 launch.

The LG Wing sports a 6.8-inch front display, and 4-inch rear panel, and houses a Snapdragon 765 or 765G. It pretty much looks good to go in the leaked video, so we may hear official news on the smartphone in the near future. 

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