Xbox Series X is massive – here's how it stacks up against other consoles

Check out how big Microsoft's Xbox Series X is compared to current and last-gen consoles

Xbox Series X
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The Xbox Series X is set to launch this November, almost a year after it was first unveiled, and its revamped design from rectangular box to towering monolith has raised some eyebrows – although not nearly as many as the PS5 and its even more unique design.

Gamers have been trying to figure out the size of both consoles, and so far the PS5 looks like it's going to be the more sizeable of the two, and while we got a look at the Xbox Series X up close, in real life, earlier this month, it wasn't juxtaposed against anything else that would tip us off to its relative size. 

But it's Reddit to the rescue, with an Xbox Series X size comparison against a lineup of other consoles. 

Xbox Series X vs. GameCube

(Image credit: u/Noophyd/ Reddit)

The Reddit post shows the Xbox Series X next to the Xbox One X, Xbox One, GameCube, Nintendo Switch, PS4, the original Xbox, and Xbox One S. Commenters have summed up the size as being close to "2.5 GameCubes" and the consensus is that it looks more appealing standing vertically than it does lying horizontally. 

There's also concern over the size of the console, and given that the PS5 looks set to be even bigger than the Xbox Series X, people are joking that they'll need to buy new furniture or put up shelves to accommodate the consoles and their unwieldy sizes just to incorporate them into their entertainment centres. 

Xbox Series X vs. Xbox One S

(Image credit: u/Noophyd/ reddit)

Fans seem disappointed that they'll have to find workarounds for integrating the Xbox Series X into their living rooms, with most saying that the console won't slot into their TV stands vertically.  

On the plus side, the design is going over well, and people are excited to show it off, but Microsoft and Sony have supersized their next gen consoles, and the world of living room furniture just hasn't caught up yet. 

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