iPad Air 4 images surface showing STUNNING new design

The new iPad Air 4 looks gorgeous

iPad Air 4
(Image credit: Future)

Images of the iPad Air 4 have leaked online and, Apple fans are going to love them, as they reveal a stunning new design.

The iPad Air 4 images come courtesy of Twitter user DuanRui, who leaked multiple pictures of the tablet's manual. You can view the images directly below.

The big difference, obviously, is that there is no longer a home button on the iPad Air 4, with the new tablet relying on gesture controls like the iPad Pro. You can see the existing iPad Air's design in our Apple iPad Air 2019 review.

Unlike the iPad Pro, though, which uses a Face ID system to unlock, the iPad Air 4 here uses a Touch ID sensor built into the power button.

Similarities to the iPad Pro also extend to the single camera that is installed in the centre-front-top bezel (which looks slightly fatter than the Pro tablet's), as well as the rear camera installation, too.

As you would expect, there is also a smart connector for use with Apple's Magic Keyboard, and just like the iPad Pro the Air 4 has also moved to a USB-C connector for charging and data transfer.

Hopefully we will hear more about this new iPad Air 4 at Apple's incoming event, which is currently slated for early October.

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