Vimeo launches on-demand PPV video service

New service lets pro users charge for content

A new on-demand service from Vimeo lets premium users monetise their content by charging viewers to either rent or buy videos

A new pay-per-view (PPV) service has been added to Vimeo which allows Vimeo Pro users to charge for their content.

The service is called Vimeo-On-Demand and will give aspiring filmmakers another distribution channel to take advantage of. Vimeo itself takes a 10 per cent cut and makes the video available through the website, Smart TV and mobile apps.

Price is decided by the creator - as is the length of time the video is made available and which regions can view it. There are currently no options for a monetised live-stream.

Vimeo has about 15 million members and gets roughly 93 million views each month. It's nowhere near threatening YouTube for online video dominance, but is challenging DailyMotion for the number two spot.

The first video to be made available on the new PPV service is the animation It's Such a Beautiful Day - shown at the SXSW festival and then available to rent for $2 or buy for $6.

"Lots of creators earn revenue from content. Now we'll have a paywall, which is Vimeo-on-demand. We think it will mean people offering quality, and a level of control and flexibility - there's also control over geographical distribution, and a window of availability," said Vimeo CEO, Kerry Trainor.