Valve makes DualShock 4 Steam compatible

Gamers can customise inputs for buttons, joysticks, touchpad and even gyroscope

Valve has announced that you can now use Sony PlayStation 4 controllers in Steam, with full customisation of buttons, joysticks, touchpad and gyroscope supported.

This is excellent news in our mind here at T3 Towers, as the DualShock 4 is one of - if not the - best controllers ever made, so the ability to partner that with Steam's excellent library of games and slick UI is most welcome news.

Speaking on the DualShock 4's support in a recent blog post, Steam said that:

"PS4 controllers will have access to the same sort of customization/configuration support as Steam Controllers, including native API support. PS4 Controllers using this system can map the trackpad, gyro, buttons, etc. to keyboard, mouse, or x-input outputs and can make use of action sets, touch menus, radial menus, and so forth."

Steam's Big Picture mode on the sofa with a DualShock 4? Yes please!