Trading Standards wades into PS4 pre-order furore

SimplyGames increasing price of PS4 pre-orders branded 'illegal' by Trading Standards

Consumer rights group wades into SimplyGames PS4 pre-order price increase controversy, saying the move is 'illegal'

Trading Standards, the body that enforces consumer rights in the UK, has waded into the furore surrounding SimplyGames's decision to raise PS4 pre-order prices.

Online retailer SimplyGames, came under fire for increasing the price of its PS4 pre-orders. According to CVG, SimplyGames told customers who have already pre-ordered a PS4, that they will now have to pay up to £470 to ensure they stay in the pre-order queue on launch day. That's quite a bit more money than the initial £349 pre-order price.

Trading Standards says that SimplyGames is not operating within the law and has called for "swift injunctive action' to block the retailer's practices.

"You can have a contract where the price is agreed is the price at the time of delivery, such as a new car on a long waiting list," the Trading Standards told CVG. "Here the seller cannot control the product price months down the line."

"This appears to be profiteering," they added. "The seller is raising the price hoping people either drop out or pay more. If they drop out the seller can resell at a higher price to another customer."

"It is illegal and up to the Home Authority to interveen if the seller is UK based. This is one of those occasions when swift injunctive action is needed to prevent consumers from being ripped off."

According to emails sent out by SimplyGames and reported on PixelEnemy those customers who are affected have a choice: they can either uprade to an unofficial bundle for £415, opt for other sales packages that cost as high as £470 or risk losing their place in the pre-order queue.

Eurogamer has managed to glean from SimplyGames that the reason for the original deal being changed is down to the retailer not receiving as many solus PS4 units as it originally thought it would. Meanwhile, Sony has confirmed to MCV that PS4 upgrades being offered by retail partners were not mandatory.