Top prices on Wahl hair products at Amazon in early Black Friday deal

Limited time deals on Wahl hair trimming, styling and drying products at Amazon today

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Get them before they’re gone! There are limited time deals on Wahl hair care products at Amazon as part of their Amazon Gifting Week

International leading manufacturer of personal care and styling products, Wahl creates professional grooming tools for men, women and pets. From hair removal to dog trimmers, massagers to styling tools, Wahl offers high-quality products that are perfect for those at home and the experts in the salon. 

Hair care is always popular in the Black Friday deals but these Wahl discounts are too good to miss! Many of Wahl’s best selling products are available now on Amazon, with up to 35% off on individual products.

To shop the deal now, click the link above. To find out more about what great deals and products are on offer, keep reading.

Top Wahl deals on Amazon today 

| Was: £49.99 | Now: £39.94 | Saving: £10.05

Wahl 3-in-1 Chrome Deluxe Hair Clippers for Men | Was: £49.99 | Now: £39.94 | Saving: £10.05
The Wahl 3-in-1 hair clipper for men is exactly what everyone was looking for during lockdown when hair was getting out of control! The corded clipper comes with a full set of combs at varied lengths, self-sharpening blades and precious blade technology. With 20% off today, these clippers are barber-approved and a great item to add to your bathroom if you need a full cut or a quick trim.

| Was: £14.99 | Now: £9.34 | Saving: £5.65

Wahl Ladies Precision Eyebrow Shaper | Was: £14.99 | Now: £9.34 | Saving: £5.65
If you’re looking for an easy way to control and shape your brows, the Precision Eyebrow Shaper is cordless, compact and portable. This handy device is designed to effortlessly and painlessly remove hair from delicate areas, like cheeks, lips, chin and eyebrows. Equipped with a close-cut blade system, the Precision Eyebrow Shaper is gentle, precise and 34% off at Amazon right now!

Wahl Ionic Smooth Hair Dryer | Was: £24.99 | Now: £20.44 | Saving: £4.55

Wahl Ionic Smooth Hair Dryer | Was: £24.99 | Now: £20.44 | Saving: £4.55
Trusted by professional hair stylists, the Ionic Smooth Hair Dryer has 5 heat and speed settings for versatile styling and quick drying. This hairdryer is lightweight and comes with a detachable concentration nozzle and diffuser to enhance curly and wavy hair. Perfect for all hair types, this is a great hairdryer to get your hands on before the Black Friday sales.

Wahl Deep Tissue Massager | Was: £49.99 | Now: £33.90 | Saving: £16.09

Wahl Deep Tissue Massager | Was: £49.99 | Now: £33.90 | Saving: £16.09
While we wish we could get a massage every time we feel a little sore, not everyone can afford that. But with the Deep Tissue Massager, you can sort any muscle fatigue and discomfort at home. The Deep Tissue Massager has four unique attachments to customise your massage. Whatever relief you need, this device ranges from gentle to intense, to better target your problem areas.

| Was: £14.99 | Now: £12.74 | Saving: £2.25

Wahl Personal Trimmer for Women | Was: £14.99 | Now: £12.74 | Saving: £2.25
The Personal Trimmer for women is perfect for removing hair from intimate body parts, like bikini areas. Cordless and battery powered, this trimmer can be used anywhere whenever you need it. Wahl uses high precision blade grinding technology, for a strong performance and no pain. The kit comes with multiple combs to help you with any style you want. A great pre Black Friday deal!