The best toys for any child: Nerf guns, Lego sets and more

Laying out the kit you need, so you can take back the time to enjoy it

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You’re on the hunt for the right gear to suit the situation and don’t have the time to spend trawling the interwebs. Fear not T3 is here.

This guide will offer you the best of the best, the cream of the crop, so you know what to buy for what you need - no matter what it is.

This week it’s all about bringing you the best toys to keep the little ones entertained. So from Lego sets that keep their hands and minds entertained for hours to Nerf guns that let dad join in the fun - this list has it all.

Best Nerf guns

If you're looking for the answer to the question "what's the best Nerf gun or blaster" then you've come to the right place. 

That's because we'll tell you right now that the best Nerf gun is the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXII-10K Blaster

It is awesome - a fully motorised action, 100-round high capacity hopper, 100 fps muzzle velocity and a generous 100 rounds to fire make the Nemesis a foam flinging brute. 

But if it's not the one for you, then check out our guide to the best Nerf gun or blaster below. These blasters are as fun as their names imply and have helped Hasbro sell enough darts over the last five years to circle the globe five times.

16 best Nerf guns 2017: obliterate friends and family in a barrage of non-expanding foam

Best Star Wars Lego

Everyone is feeling The Force right now, with the recent release of The Last Jedi, lots of newer, younger fans drawn in by The Force Awakens and Rogue One, and the rest of us enamoured by the whole saga for decades, Star Wars toys are hotter than ever.

Luckily everyone’s favourite toy company, Lego, has teamed up with everyone’s favourite galaxy far, far away franchise to bring us a huge range of Lego sets created to suit all kinds of budgets. From the cheap and cheerful under £20 to eye-wateringly huge sets that’ll keep you occupied for days - if not weeks.

Best Star Wars Lego sets for Christmas 2017: from kid-friendly stocking fillers to thousand-brick-plus collectables

Best Lego sets

If you're looking for the best Lego sets, from the amazing Lego Star Wars series, to high-tech Lego Technics, Lego Mindstorms, Lego Minecraft and even Lego City, you're in luck.

If you were anything like us, a lot of childhood days were spent sat in the lounge, with a massive box of Lego spread across the floor. Many an hour would fly by while we tried to successfully construct a replica of the X-Wing from Star Wars.

Luckily, as the years have flown by, Lego's tech has increased and now there are some stunning models you can build.

The best Lego sets 2017: Star Wars, Dr Who, Minecraft and more block-based joy bundles

Best toys

If you're looking for a great Christmas present for the kid or big kid in your life then T3 has you covered. Here we've got this season's hottest toys, with awesome robots, futuristic racers and superb build-'em-ups and more - simply put, this is the ultimate round-up of all the tech your kids (or partner, or you) will love to play with this festive season.

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