T3 Agenda: The underwater drone that is PowerRay, Sennheiser x Dior Homme headphones and more

T3's daily roundup of the best new announcements from the world of tech

In today's much anticipated edition of the T3 Agenda, we take to the waves with a bona fide underwater drone, the luxury new Sennheiser x Dior Homme headphones and more...

Capture footage beneath the waves with the Underwater PowerRay drone

Wait, you're still flying a drone through the air? That's so 2016. These days we take our drones under the water. That's right, drones have gone submersible! Say hello to PowerRay - a portable, diving robot opens up the magical scenery beneath the surface for photographers and cinematographers, explorers, sports enthusiasts and fishers.

With a diving time of four hours, a diving depth of 30 meters, sonar fish finder and a great 4K 30 fps camera, the PowerRay is the water-based robot you’ve been waiting for your entire life. 

For an even more realistic diving experience, how about strapping on the Powervision Edition of the Zeiss VR One Plus headset. It offers gesture-based navigation and helps create an unparalleled immersive underwater experience. We're told this product is very popular with fishers, divers and other marine-based hobbies so if you fall into one of those characters this robotic offering might just be for you.

You can buy the the PowerRay Explorer pack for €1,599 right now direct from 

Style meets sound with the new Sennheiser x Dior Homme range

Dior Homme and Sennheiser are teaming up again, and that can only mean one thing - audio products so swish they're basically too cool to even own. The new Dior Homme x Sennheiser range aims to bring together high-end audio tech and luxury materials to create something truly deluxe

The collection includes special editions of the reference class Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones, the HDVD 800 headphone amplifier, the PXC 550 Wireless noise-cancelling travel headphones and the high-end IE 800 ear-canal headphones.

Each model features an exclusive finish by Dior Homme – an elegant black and anthracite design that is accentuated with signature red detailing. The special editions are available as part of four solutions – home, travel, daily and pocket.

The range will be available from later this month.

KEF announces Tidal functionality on LS50 Wireless

British loudspeaker specialist KEF has just announced its partnership with Tidal, the global music and entertainment streaming platform and that can only mean one thing - Tidal support is incoming...

The new partnership integrates Tidal into the app of the KEF LS50 Wireless, the ground-breaking new wireless streaming music system from the world-renowned speaker brand.

This collaboration makes high-resolution audio enjoyment easier than ever for discerning music lovers, bringing hi-fi quality songs and high-quality videos to users of the new market-leading, high-quality audio streaming solution, the KEF LS50 Wireless.