T3 Agenda: The H1 Headphones that test your hearing. A smart lighting system from WisQo. And more!

T3's daily roundup of the best new announcements from the world of tech

In today's Thursday edition of the T3 Agenda, we get our ear's tested with the new H1 Headphones, we control our home lighting with the smart control system from WisQo and more...

Test your hearing and customise your listening experience with the H1 Headphones from Even

Venerable audio firm Even has launched a new set of headphones and earphones, with each one featuring a unique hearing tech designed to test your auditory capabilities and adjust your new cups/buds to suit you. This EarPrint tech has made the new H1 Headphones and E1 Earphones a must have for music lovers with sensitive or degenerative hearing.

The H1 Headphones feature the EarPrint hearing test built-in into the model, so you can quickly and easily get your audio experience attuned to your needs. They offer up to 12 hours continuous playback, call control for hands-free calls on the go and a lightweight and easy to wear design. It even has tangle resistant, detachable cords and genuine walnut earcups for an extra splash of style.

The E1 Earphones also feature EarPrint, hands-free mode for taking calls, 12 hours of playback goodness, tangle free cords and a lightweight design that won't hang heavy in the ear. 

The Even H1 Headphones retail at £199.99 and the Even E1 Earphones retail at £129.99. They are both available in store and online now at Selfridges.

Xperia Touch now available exclusively at Selfidges

Xperia Touch has gone from concept to reality in just over a year and is now available from Selfridges, Sony’s exclusive launch retailer for the Xperia Touch, in-store and online.

The Xperia Touch is an interactive projector that turns any surface into a 23” HD touchscreen, or any vertical wall into an 80” screen. Whether you want to play games on the living room floor, project a recipe onto the kitchen counter, or even Skype far-flung family members, Xperia Touch has you covered and the sophisticated understated design makes for a smart addition to any home.

Not only is Xperia Touch compatible with PlayStation 4 Remote Play, it will run any app or game downloaded from the Google Play Store, setting a new precedent for the way hundreds of thousands of application experiences can now be enjoyed.

The Sony Xperia Touch portable projector is available now exclusively from Selfridges with a price tag of £1,399.

Control your lighting directly from your smartphone with the smart system from WisQo

If you want to add smart lighting to your home, but want to do without all that expensive rewiring nonsense, then you need to get your hands on the new system from WisQo. 

WisQo Lighting Control reduces 80% of installation time, so that means no more noisy and unpleasant chiseling and no more dust in drilling. You can get smart wireless lighting with mobile app control for lower than the price of conventional wiring. WisQo can be installed into any home, office or restaurant in just a couple of minutes without replacing your existing light bulbs. Plus, the switch finds energy from your press, letting you an uninterrupted life time usage.

The system uses a series of wireless and batteryless switches that relay signals from light sources to your Device Manager, giving you accurate control without the need to drill your house into oblivion. 

You can buy a WisQo Starter Kit (including a Hub and two Receivers ) for only £49.99 direct from Amazon.