Soon you’ll be able to hail an Uber within Facebook Messenger

Because opening up apps is hard

Grabbing a cab is simple in 2015. You don't even need to raise a hand, just whip out your phone and use one of a variety of apps to hail a taxi. But now Uber and Facebook are teaming up to make it even easier.

The UK's most popular cab app will soon work within Facebook Messenger, meaning you'll soon be able to order a taxi without having to leave Zuckerberg's app.

With the new Transportation on Messenger feature you'll be able to request an Uber, receive updates on its status and pay for the ride without having Uber installed on your phone.

Lazy cabs

You can even keep having a conversation with your friends while it arrives.If you're a regular user you can connect your Uber account up in Facebook's Messenger service or if you've never used it, you can sign up a fresh and get a credit to your account.

Problem is it's not clear when the feature will be launching in the UK.Right now, it's in testing in the US, and will be launching in other markets in the future. Facebook says it will be adding in other ride-sharing apps soon.

It's not quite clear how Uber and Facebook benefit from this, but not having to download the Uber app to your phone is certainly going to save on your space. And the fact you can talk to your mates at the same time makes it a little bit easier to meet up with your friends.