Sky Go Extra download service now live

Subscription service lets you download Sky Movies and TV

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Sky has expanded Sky Go with a new premium subscription option that lets you download your content to your iPhone or iPad and gives you more devices to watch it on

Sky Go Extra, the new subscription service for Sky TV customers, will allow users to download movies and television content to their iPhones, iPads, laptops or tablets, removing the need for a constant Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.

The service, released today, is a subscription service available to all Sky TV customers for £5 a month, enabling customers to download a wide range of content to their devices, then watch them offline later, removing the need for a network connection.

Current Sky Go customers are limited to live streaming of a variety of Sky content, but the new download feature will offer more flexibility over when and where the customer can enjoy the service, waving goodbye to dreaded buffering and the possibility of unwanted phone bills for using the 3G network.

In addition to the new download service, customers have the further option of registering four devices to the Sky Go service, rather than the current restriction of just two.

The service is available as an upgrade for current Sky Go or Sky TV customers at the cost of £5, or alternatively, Sky are offering current Sky TV customers a 2-month free trial. However, customers who don't want to pay the £5-a-month extra, after their trial has expired, will be required to cancel the service.

Sky Go currently attracts more than three million unique users every quarter, and the new Sky Go Extra application, according to Sky, is the first mobile TV subscription service in the UK and Ireland to offer Hollywood movies to download and watch online.

Stephen van Rooyen, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing at Sky, said: “Building on the ever-growing popularity of Sky Go, Sky Go Extra lets Sky customers download great movies and TV shows to take with them to watch offline whenever and wherever suits them, as well as access to Sky Go on up to four internet-connected devices.

“Together with our comprehensive On Demand service and our range of award-winning apps, we continue to deliver helpful and innovative ways for Sky customers to enjoy even more flexibility over when, where and how they enjoy Sky.”

The Sky Go Extra service will also be made available on three new devices, including the HTC One X+, the Motorola RAZRi and the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0. The iPhone 5 has also now received a welcome screen boost thanks to the new update to the Sky Go app which now makes full use of the iPhone's 4-inch display.