Shark announces two new hair tools to rival Dyson and ghd

Shark expands haircare line with new SpeedStyle and SmoothStyle tools

Shark SpeedStyle and SmoothStyle hair tools
(Image credit: Shark)

Home appliance manufacturer Shark has just announced that it’s adding two new hair products to its expanding beauty line. The new Shark SpeedStyle and Shark SmoothStyle hair tools are set to rival the likes of Dyson and ghd with its own wet to dry stylers and technology.

Shark is arguably best known for its extensive range of floorcare, including the best Shark vacuum cleaners and mops. But following in its competitor Dyson’s footsteps, Shark has dived into the world of hair care with its own range of the best hair dryers and stylers.

Soon to be joining the Shark beauty family is the new SpeedStyle and SmoothStyle. Both hair tools are designed for every hair type and texture, including straight, curly, wavy, coily and everything in between. The Shark FlexStyle has already been championed for its incredible power and styling results, so I’m excited to see how the SpeedStyle and SmoothStyle will perform in comparison.

Joining the wet-to-dry hair tools already on the market, the Shark SpeedStyle is designed to take hair from wet to dry quickly without any heat damage. Upon release, the SpeedStyle will come with a range of accessories, including brushes, diffusers and a RapidGloss Finisher which collects and smooths flyaways based on different hair types and needs.

Judging from the pictures, the SpeedStyle will look similar to a hair dryer but will come with various attachments for better styling. This is noticeably different from the wet-to-dry devices already on the market, like the ghd Duet Style and Dyson Airstrait.

The SpeedStyle has the same FlexStyle shape when the latter is in dryer mode, and it’s said to be the lightest digital hair dryer yet that delivers a glossy finish in minutes. The SpeedStyle will also be available in two different packages, one for straight and wavy hair and the other for curly and coily hair.

Woman using the Shark SmoothStyle

(Image credit: Shark)

The second release is the Shark SmoothStyle, a hot brush that uses heated comb technology to straighten and smooth hair. Its full name, the Shark SmoothStyle Heated Comb Straightener + Smoother can be used on wet and dry hair, and it works to dry and style your hair without heat damage or frizz.

The SmoothStyle has been cleverly designed to give you more control during styling. It has three preset air temperature settings and a heated smoothing comb setting, plus a cool-touch tip to finish the styling process.

These new announcements are bound to excite many people looking for premium hair tools at an affordable price. Although Shark is a brilliant brand in its own right, it’s often compared to Dyson with its Shark FlexStyle (which T3 rated highly in our Shark FlexStyle review) being seen as a ‘dupe’ for the Dyson AirWrap.

I imagine that the new Shark SpeedStyle and Shark SmoothStyle tools will be marketed or viewed in a similar way. Regardless of this, Shark is proving that its hair products are much more than just a ‘Dyson dupe’ and I can’t wait to try out the new stylers.

As of writing, the Shark SpeedStyle ($199.99) and Shark SmoothStyle ($99.99) are available to buy on the US version of the Shark website. They’re not currently up for sale in the UK, but they’re predicted to be released later this year.

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