Samsung Galaxy Z Flip/Galaxy Bloom logo shows a triple-folding phone

Is the new image from Samsung's Motorola Razr-killing "Z" series just branding, or something more?

LetsGoDigital Samsung Galaxy Z Fold
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (or Samsung Galaxy Bloom, as it could be called) is expected to be revealed in just a few short weeks. Coming at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco, this is the same event in which we're expecting the Samsung Galaxy S20 to be unveiled as well.

There's not long to go until we find out the truth behind Samsung's much-anticipated Z Flip, a clamshell folding phone set to rival the Motorola Razr. As we can see in these latest leaks, Samsung is hard at work on branding for the event⁠—but one leaked image could reveal more than it initially seems to.

Samsung Galaxy fansite SamMobile has uncovered a new image shared on Chinese social media site Weibo. The image is of either a triple-folding device or two regular clamshell folding phones placed together, under the legend "Galaxy Z". Casted remotely from a phone using Samsung DeX software, the device is set against a black background, which is juxtaposed by the glow of the phone's screens. 

Samsung Galaxy Z

Image of Samsung's new branding for the upcoming "Galaxy Z"

(Image credit: Weibo)

If accurate, this does indeed confirm Samsung is set to unveil a new range of phones known as the Galaxy Z Series, starting with the Z Flip, when the Korean smartphone manufacturer takes to the stage next month.

Based on the look of the branding, the Z Series will be Samsung's label for all its folding phones going forward, rather than basing the logo on a specific triple-folding device. Interestingly, Samsung does possess a patent for a triple-folding smartphone, first revealed in August 2019, which was crowned "The Z Fold" by some internet pundits. Check out a render of the design below:

LetsGoDigital Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

LetsGoDigital Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

However, we've seen prototypes and heard enough leaks about a clamshell release to be confident Samsung's new folding phone won't be triple-screened. We believe the "Z Series" logo is just branding for a new series of folding phones. The triple-screen Z Fold, if it does exist, is likely to come much later down the line. 

Clearly inspired by phones such as the recently-relaunched Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is said to look less like a flip-phone of old and more like a conventional smartphone, that happens to fold in on itself. The prototype images, also circulated on Weibo, only add weight to these rumours. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip prototype

(Image credit: Weibo)

We'll know more for sure once the live-stream of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked begins, but for now, we're betting the leaked image is a simple render or logo rather than the design of a new phone outright. However, if Samsung has managed to keep a secret for once and we're getting another new device, you certainly won't hear us complaining.

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