Samsung Galaxy Ring release date narrowed down

A Samsung exec reveals more on when we should expect its first smart ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring at Unpacked 2024
(Image credit: Samsung)

A Samsung executive revealed the Samsung Galaxy Ring's release window on LinkedIn before his post was taken down again.

He wrote that the new smart wearable will be available in the "2nd half" of 2024.

Samsung didn't give much away when it teased its first smart ring, the Samsung Galaxy Ring, during Unpacked in January. We only saw a very brief sizzle reel on stage and the promise that it's coming "later this year".

Since then we've found out a few more details, mainly thanks to some information coming from behind-closed-door hands-on sessions with prototypes, and now we have a more specific release window.

According to Samsung's own global head of wearables, Daniel Seung, we now know that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be released in the second half of 2024 – so from July to December.

He posted on LinkedIn that the "new health and wellness wearable product" is coming in the "2nd half". The post has since been taken down, but not before being spotted by MySmartPrice.

This matches the timescale analysts and leakers have also tipped in recent times. Many believe the ring could be officially launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, Z Fold 6 and a possible, more-affordable option during the next Galaxy Unpacked event.

That will likely be held in late July, like last year's folding phones event.

Samsung Galaxy Ring specifications

As for the Galaxy Ring itself, we've heard previously that it will not be compatible with iPhone – likely locked to Samsung's own Galaxy ecosystem like the Smart Tag. And it will be comfortable enough to wear 24/7, which is no surprise as sleep tracking is one of the main selling points for Samsung Health this year. You'll have to take it off to charge though, of course, although we don't know yet how often as there are no battery specs leaked or otherwise.

We have also heard that it will come in 13 different sizes and three finishes. Certainly Samsung will have to make its debut device in that sector appealing if it wants it to be considered amongst the best smart rings.

After all, the likes of Oura and Ultrahuman have a considerable head start.

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