Samsung Galaxy Ring won't work with iPhone, but it'll be "all-day" comfortable at least

Samsung executive reveals that the Ring is designed to be worn 24/7

Samsung Galaxy Ring at Unpacked presentation
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung didn't give away much when it teased the Samsung Galaxy Ring at the end of its latest Unpacked presentation, but we've found out a bit more detail since.

Executives connected to Samsung have been discussing the smart ring and revealed some interesting nuggets.

For starters, it seems that the smart ring won't be for everyone. Samsung's Hon Pak has said that it is unlikely to work with the iPhone, so that'll rule out Apple device owners: "Like Galaxy Watches – it probably won’t be compatible with Apple’s iPhone," he reportedly told Bloomberg (via Sammy Fans).

It doesn't really come as a surprise, to be honest, considering how much it will rely and tie-into Samsung's own health apps and services. It might even be that it'll only work with Galaxy phones, much like the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag and its successor.

In addition, Amber Reaver from Samsung's PR agency in the US told The Verge (via GizChina) that the Galaxy Ring will feature "leading sensor technologies" and that it will be comfortable enough to wear "24/7".

Considering that there will be plenty of sleep monitoring capabilities, that's a must. However, you'll have to take it off sometimes as it'll need to be recharged.

We don't know yet how much battery life Samsung hopes to provide, but the rivalling Ultrahuman Ring Air can last up to 6 days between charges, to give you some indication.

These latest details give us a bigger picture on the Galaxy Ring, which doesn't yet have a release scheduled but is tipped to be fully launched during Samsung's next big Unpacked event in around August time. It'll likely therefore appear alongside the foldable phones that'll replace the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5.

We've also heard previously that it'll come in 13 different sizes to fit all types of fingers, and there will be three different options when it comes to the "finish" – perhaps gold, silver and maybe black?

We'll definitely keep our ear to the ground on more details on the Samsung Galaxy Ring and let you know when we find out more.

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