New Samsung Galaxy Ring details emerge after secret hands-on session

Some got to see a prototype at Unpacked

Samsung Galaxy Ring at Unpacked presentation
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung pulled out something of a masterstroke by announcing the Samsung Galaxy Ring during its Unpacked event yesterday – not least because it seemed a sure bet that the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones would be the only devices to appear.

However, the company's new smart ring was unveiled in a flashy video clip as a "one more thing" teaser to whoops and cheers. The only issue was that details weren't just thin on the ground, they were non-existent.

Now though, some information is starting to appear online, as it looks like a few attendees of the event in San Jose were given a sneak peek at prototype versions of the forthcoming health tracker.

Industry analyst Avi Greengart claims to have had his "hands-on" several Galaxy prototypes. Posting on Threads, he stated that while he couldn't take photos, he did find out some details: "I was not allowed to take pics, but it is ridiculously light, comes in sizes up to 13, and is currently planned in three finishes. Impressive engineering," he wrote.

Threads post about Samsung Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Avi Greengart / Threads)

He also reveals that it'll be launching "later this year", but no price has been mentioned as yet.

Established rivals, such as Oura and Ultrahuman, will naturally be eager to see what such a tech big-hitter has up its sleeve (or on its finger, anyway), but we could also see the market for smart rings expand greatly after Samsung's device joins the fray.

It's a sentiment the CEO of Oura, Tom Hale, has shared with T3: "New players entering the space is validation for the category and drives us to aim higher to serve our members and community," he said in a statement.

Samsung Galaxy Ring at Unpacked presentation

(Image credit: Samsung)

He also believes that Oura has a significant head start: "Since our founding over a decade ago, we’ve invested relentlessly in service of creating the best smart ring that gives every body a voice.

"Our members span from Gen Z to Boomers, from pro athletes to those seeking to improve their sleep and health, from women tracking their cycles to those who want to better manage their stress."

Indeed, these latter examples also give us an idea of what the Samsung Galaxy Ring could offer. Rather than just another fitness tracker, its small form factor is likely to be aimed at people who want to de-stress rather than run a marathon.

We'll have to see when more on the device is revealed. Until then, T3 will keep you up to date with the latest.

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