Rumoured Samsung Galaxy S24 colours are a ray of sunshine

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Samsung Galaxy S23 series
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If there's one thing that irks us about phones today, it's the colours. Too often we have seen companies launch different shades of grey (not like that) and black. Thankfully in the last couple of years, there has been a move toward more exciting hues, and these leaked options for the Samsung Galaxy S24 range have lightened us up no end. 

According to renowned tipster Ross Young, the S24 will come in seven different colours. That is to say four main ones and three exclusive to Samsung's store. The colours supposedly available everywhere will be black (snore), gray (boring), violet and yellow. Two of those are at least more fun, while all of the exclusive colours sound appealing, with orange, light green and light blue. They will probably all be given snazzy names too. Hopefully one of them matches up to the beautiful sky blue Pixel 8 Pro.

A leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra showing a lizard on screen

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Expected to launch in January, Young did not provide any details on whether colours will be exclusive to the base, Ultra or Plus versions, but that was not the case last year. Interestingly as well as colours, it also looks like all three phones will share the same display. As an aesthetic package, it looks a lot like an iPhone-style design, which is no bad thing.

As for the phone itself, it sounds like a contender for the best Android phone already if the rumours are true. The S24 Ultra is believed to be keeping the mighty 200MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy  S23 Ultra, but the telephoto lens is reported to be bumped up from 12MP to 50MP, sending it way above the 12MP iPhone 15 Pro Max. Under the hood, it looks like you'll find a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor too, so it should be plenty fast whatever you throw at it.

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