I'm going Pro with the Pixel 8 for completely shallow reasons

This only Pixel 8 colour I appreciate

Google Pixel
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Finally, we've had the launch of the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro. Google's latest handsets look quite similar to last year's models, but there's something about the Pixel 8 Pro in particular that caught me staring. 

Exclusive to the more expensive Pixel 8 Pro is the stunning Bay colour, and to be honest I think it leaves all of the other options in the dust behind it. The obsidian and porcelain alternative hues of the Pixel 8 Pro are perfectly fine, but they do seem very businesslike compared to the beauty of the Bay option.

As a lover of the best small phones, I wish this colour was available for the pint-sized baby Pixel 8 but I guess I'll have to invest in a funky case or I'm gonna have to upgrade. Admittedly the Pixel 8 only rose colour is rather smart but it doesn't quite have the same pop. 

Google Pixel 7

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The iPhone 15 also has some snazzy colours with the green being particularly fetching in my eyes but for the sake of fashion, I might have to go all Google with my setup. The Google Pixel Buds (and Pixel Watch 2) are now also available in the same Bay blue.

In fairness going for the Pro model has more benefits than just the superior colour scheme. It features an ultra-bright display of up to 2400 nits and a revamped camera. With a 50MP main camera, 48MP Ultrawide lens compared to the base Pixel's 12MP effort and a telephoto lens with an impressive 48MP setup (the ordinary Pixel 8 has no telephoto lens). Partnered with Google's excellent camera software, we can't wait to get snapping with the company's new flagship. 

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