Ricoh debuts a sleek new 360-degree shooter

Sharper lens, more storage and better usability

Ricoh's continued quest to get us all taking spherical pics has arrived in the shape of he updated Theta S.

Unveiled at IFA, the Theta S offers full HD recording (1,920 x 1,080 at 30fps) and a little package of new features that give a marked uplift on the original 2013 Ricoh Theta.

The HDMI-dongle shaped camera can shoot full HD videos for a maximum time of 25 minutes and a larger image sensor plus f2.0 allows more light through the ultra-small twin-lens folded-optical system.

Ricoh has made sure usability is vastly improved by updating both the design and user interface through the Ricoh Theta S app for smartphones and tabs, which can be used to configure the camera settings and instantly view photos and videos through connected devices.

There is also a new grippy black rubber coating, a face mounted LED mode indicator and the onboard storage has been upped from a paltry 4GB to 8GB, thus meaning up to 25 minutes of recording. Add in the new Wi-Fi module that can transfer data four times faster than the current Theta and it's an impressive piece of kit.

Ricoh expects it to be out by the end of October and it has a suggested retail price of some £299.99.

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