Vivobarefoot minimalist shoes have just got WAY more sustainable

New ReVivo programme aims to significantly extend the minimalist shoes' lifecycle

(Image credit: Vivobarefoot)

Even before the introduction of ReVivo (opens in new tab), the new recycling programme from the British minimalist shoes manufacturer, no one in their right mind could say that Vivobarefoot was not a sustainable company but now it has become uber-sustainable.

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The main inspiration for Revivo was the fact that more than 25 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured each year, and 90% of them will end up in landfill – often within 12 months of purchase. What was the answer from Vivobarefoot? To become the first shoe brand in the world to launch a re-commerce site.

How does ReVivo work?

Naturally, Vivobarefoot believes the most sustainable option for footwear is to keep them on people’s feet for as long as possible. In order to do just that, the brand teamed up with The Boot Repair Company, highly-skilled shoe-repair craftspeople, to give its shoes a new lease of life.

for now, only shoes which have been returned to the brand will go through this process, however Vivobarefoot's ultimate goal to be able to accept shoes directly from customers, before repairing and returning them.

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The process is as follows: returned shoes will undergo a full fault inspection before being given one of three grades. then, the shoes are then given a deep steam clean and sanitised inside and out using Micro-Fresh to kill all known viruses and bacteria before the repair process begins.

Once repaired, the shoes will be clearly marked and available to buy from the ReVivo website, allowing customers to purchase shoes which have been revived and reconditioned. Admittedly, even reconditioned shoes will not last forever but they will definitely last longer than some of the best running shoes for sure

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