Vivobarefoot Tracker II hiking boot review: light and freeing barefoot-style boots

The light, flexible and supportive Vivobarefoot Tracker IIs are here to break the mould of how hiking boots should feel and perform

Vivo Barefoot Tracker II review
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Get into the barefoot shoe movement with these lightweight Vivobarefoot Tracker II boots, which allow your feet space to flex and feel the ground as you hike. They're a bit of a Marmite design, and are best suited to walking on established trails rather than rocky or muddy terrain, but they deliver on comfort.

Reasons to buy
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    Let you feel the ground

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    Beautifully made

Reasons to avoid
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    The lack of cushioning isn't for everyone

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    Not enough grip for muddy conditions

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Vivobarefoot's Tracker II FG is a pared-down, flexible and rather luxurious-feeling leather boot has a far thinner sole than you're probably used to in a hiking boot, but it's still warm and waterproof, and its light weight makes it feel very freeing to hike in.

Vivobarefoot is perhaps the biggest proponent of the barefoot shoe movement. While most of today's best women's walking boots and best men's walking boots feature sturdy soles and thick padding, this brand strips away all that in favour of footwear that allows your feet to 'feel' the ground as you walk. There's an argument that this style of boot is good for foot health and posture. 

The Vivobarefoot Tracker II FG hiking boots (RRP £200 / US$260) are aimed at lovers of this minimalist movement. It's one of a selection of models that have been adapted specifically for tricky terrain (head to our Vivobarefoot Tracker Forest ESC review or Vivobarefoot Primus Trail II FG walking shoe review for a look at two other options). Read on for our full Vivo Barefoot's Tracker II hiking boot review.

Vivobarefoot Tracker II review: design and features

If you like to move fast and light on your feet, the Vivobarefoot Tracker IIs, weighing in at 330g per boot, might be your new favourite hiking boots. Unlike traditional walking boots, which put a lot of material in between your foot and the ground, the whole point of Vivobarefoot's soles is that they allow you to feel what's underfoot as you go. This design is not for everyone – and definitely not for those with foot issues such as flat arches, who need more support – but if you find most boots heavy and restrictive, we definitely recommend giving 'barefoot' boots a go. 

The Tracker IIs are made with soft, supple leather but also sport a surprisingly solid toe box, which gives good protection when you're on uneven terrain. The high padded ankle cuff can be laced tightly for good support, and the sole has 4mm lugs (these are the indentations that grip the ground) that offer decent traction on dry ground and rocks, although we found they weren't deep enough to take on thick mud – save these boots for established, well-groomed trails. The Trackers also have minimalist leather looks that make them easy to wear casually with jeans as well as for more adventurous hikes. 

Vivobarefoot Tracker II boot in an autumnal wood

(Image credit: Sian Lewis)

Vivobarefoot Tracker II review: performance and comfort

What stood out on test is how delightfully lightweight these boots feel to wear compared to other, clunkier hiking boots – if you find most designs weigh you down, you'll love how freeing the Trackers feel underfoot. They may be constructed with leather but these boots feel very supple straight out of the box, moving and flexing along with your foot as you walk. Vivobarefoot reckons its designs are ‘foot-shaped, not shoe-shaped'. This is definitely true in the wide toe box, where there's plenty of room for your feet to splay out, but we found these boots quite tight around the bridge of the foot, so it's definitely worth trying a half-size up, especially if you want to wear these boots with thick hiking socks

Vivo Barefoot Tracker II boot in an autumnal wood

(Image credit: Sian Lewis)

Once you've got the right size for you, they do deliver relaxing, almost slipper-like comfort. The boots are also surprisingly warm despite their light weight thanks to a thermal insole, which you can swap out for a lighter insole for summer hikes. A waterproof lining coupled with leather's naturally water-resistant properties make them waterproof enough to put up with a storm.

Vivobarefoot Tracker II hiking boot review: verdict

Light and liberating but still warm and waterproof, the Vivobarefoot Tracker II hiking boot are ideal if you don't like being weighed down over long distances, but the lack of cushioning and arch support might not suit everyone. Overall, the quality of these leather boots stands out – coupled with their very versatile looks, we think these are a solid buy, especially for lovers of the barefoot shoe movement.

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