PS5 storage space unveiled – Here's how much room you have for PS5 games

New images of the PS5 user interface have revealed how much useable storage space you get out of the box

PS5 storage space PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Sony)
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We've known for a while now that the Sony PS5 comes with a 825GB SSD to store PS5 games on, however up until this point we've not discovered exactly how much of that storage drive will be useable for games.

That's because, every time a console maker lists the storage drive capacity of its system, it always quotes the total disc size, rather than what storage capacity it actually offers after system files and the machine's OS is installed.

For example, a 1TB Xbox One console actually comes with around 850GB of storage space that can actually be used for games.

Regarding the PS5's storage space, though, we've just had an image leak on the Resetera forum that appears to show the PlayStation 5's menu system UI and, crucially, the amount of storage space available for games.

And, that figure? 664GB of space for PS5 games. You can check out the important image below:

PS5 PlayStation 5

The image from what appears to be a Russian language PS5 user interface showing a useable 664GB of storage space.

(Image credit: Resetera user: Kenzodielocke)

As can be seen from the above image, which appears to show the Russian language menu of a PS5, after the PlayStation 5's core system files and operating system are accounted for, the owner is left with 664GB of room to deal with.

To us here at T3, we think that means you'll be able to storage something like 7 to 10 AAA fully digital games on the PS5 without needing a space upgrade.

Now, naturally, these images are 100% unofficial, and the poster of them himself states that the pics "might be someone translating the UI on a PC, I don't know", so they might not even be running on a PS5 at all and, also, might not even be from a finished, commercially released console.

There is definitely a possibility that the final storage space number could be different. That said, though, if the PS5's SSD is 825GB, then 664GB does sound like the right ballpark for pure storage space.

More worrying for PlayStation 5 fans, though, will be how uninspiring and PS3-like the menu system appears to be on the, if this leak is accurate, PS5 user interface. As Resetera user starblue states:

"If it's true...the UI is ugly ! Worst than PS4. I hope it's fake or I will be extremely disappointed."

Hopefully we will get official confirmation of the PS5 user interface soon, as well as an official GB number for SSD storage space.