PS5 graphics showed off in video – stunning next-gen eye candy

An official next-gen graphics trailer for Observer System Redux shows us how special games are going to look on PS5

PS5 video PlayStation 5 graphics
(Image credit: Anshar Studios | Bloober Team)

Everything we know already about the Sony PS5 indicates that it is going to be an absolute gaming beast when it launches this holiday season.

The pixel-pushing power that the PlayStation 5 console has tucked under the hood is  well-documented, and will lead to gamers to enjoy epic, visually jaw-dropping PS5 games such as Horizon Forbidden West and God of War 2 that will deliver real time ray tracing, 4K resolutions and textures, HDR, 60-120fps frame rates and much more, too.

And, thanks to this brand new Observer System Redux video, which is entitled "Official Next-Gen Graphics Comparison Trailer", we've just got an actual look at just what the game running on PS5 will look like.

As can be seen in the trailer, which comes courtesy of GameSpot, the rebooted Observer (the game was originally released for PS4 and Xbox One back in 2017) now looks and runs significantly better, with the game dripping with next-gen eye candy.

We're talking 4K textures, real time ray tracing and volumetric lighting, HDR, realistic materials, ultra HD character models and 60fps+ frame rates.

Indeed, what we like best about this next-gen graphics video is that it shows the difference between what the game looked like on the PS4 and then shows you side-by-side how it will look on PS5.

Often, due to the evolutionary nature of game graphics, it becomes hard to remember just what games released even a few years ago look like, with modern game graphics influencing memory. Here, though, the dramatic improvements that the PlayStation 5 (and Xbox Series X) are going to bring to the table are clear as day.

And, when you consider that this is actually just a graphical remaster of an already released game, and that it wasn't built from the ground up for the PS5, the possibilities of how games that have actually being built to exploit the console's power from the ground up could look and run becomes truly mouth-watering.

Here at T3 we can't wait to get hands on with the Sony PS5, which the latest rumours indicate will be launching in late November 2020.

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