This PS5 box art for Horizon Forbidden West is STUNNING

If the Horizon Forbidden West's box looks this good on PS5 we will be very happy indeed

PS5 PlayStation 5 Horizon Forbidden West
(Image credit: u/TheNinjaWhippet)

Of all the PS5 games that were announced during Sony's BIG PlayStation 5 reveal event last month, the title that seemed to get most folks stoked was Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to the PS4 smash hit Horizon Zero Dawn.

The game, which was revealed in a dramatic teaser trailer (watchable below), showed the game's protagonist Aloy as she starts to move west in far-future America to continue to discover her world, how to fix it and what went so wrong with it years ago.

The trailer, which was available in 4K, also showed new locations, enemies and NPCs, as well as the game's upgraded PS5 graphics, which looked jaw-dropping. Gamers were blown away and, since then, enthusiasm for the PlayStation 5 exclusive has been sky high.

Which is why a talented fan has produced this stunning Horizon Forbidden West box art, which shows Aloy standing in front of what looks like the ruins of the Golden Gate Bridge and hovered over by a flying, mechanised pterodactyl. Just entering the scene, which is set on a coastal beach with palm trees, a land-based robot dinosaur enemy can be seen, too.

PS5 PlayStation 5 Horizon Forbidden West

The stunning fan art PS5 box for Horizon Forbidden West

(Image credit: u/TheNinjaWhippet)

The awesome box art was posted on Reddit by u/TheNinjaWhippet and immediately won praise from gamers in the comments.

User The-Mustard-Man said that:

"Always love seeing covers that aren't just close ups of the protagonists head, this looks great!"

While user Discovur stated that:

"That looks stunning! I thought it was real"

Tamaki-Sin was also very impressed noting that:

"This looks like it would be the official one, great job mate 👍"

Here at T3 we think this Horizon Forbidden West box art for the Sony PS5 looks amazing and we would be more than happy to see it actually made real. Here's hoping Sony and Guerrilla Games take note and not cop out with a close-up of Aloy's face looking angry.

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