Google Chrome just got an awesome new feature users will love

Want to kill intrusive pop-ups for good while browsing in Google Chrome? Here's how

Google Chrome
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Abusive notifications are the bane of browsing the internet today, with the pop-ups at certain sites so large, numerous and insidious that actually getting to the content you want to read can sometimes feel like an uphill battle – and one where you're at risk of having your personal data unwantedly grabbed.

Luckily, for Chrome users at least, Google is doing something to help combat them, with a brand new update to Google Chrome (version: Chrome 84) coming with a new tool that culls abusive notifications.

The news was revealed on the official Google Chrome blog, and it details how Chrome 84 automatically enrols sites with abusive notifications into a "quieter notifications UI" and will supply users with a prompt advising them that the site may be trying to trick them.

How the new system works can be seen in the below gifs, both on a desktop and mobile Chrome browser.

Google Chrome

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Google Chrome

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As can be seen, abusive sites are automatically blocked, keeping the browsing experience safer and cleaner.

Speaking on why Google has made this change, the blog post stated that:

"Abusive notification prompts are one of the top user complaints we receive about Chrome. A large percentage of notification requests and notifications come from a small number of abusive sites. Protecting users from these sites improves user safety & privacy on the web, and makes for a better browsing experience."

To benefit from the new Google Chrome 84 anti-abusive notification tool either update your version of Chrome (click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of your browser and then select "Settings" and then "About Chrome") or download the very latest version from the browser's official download page.

Once installed then browse safely without any worry that you're at risk of being inundated with abusive notifications trying to steal your personal data and ruin your online experience.

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