Apple Watch 6 set to come with the smartwatch feature of our dreams

Yoga buffs are going to want in on the Apple Watch Series 6 after this

Apple Watch
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The next iteration of the  Apple Watch is set to drop this September, and thanks to Apple's WWDC keynote we've got a sneak peek at the features coming to the range of wearables this autumn with the rollout of watchOS 7.    

As well as updating the OS for the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, and Apple Watch Series 5, watchOS 7 is also rumoured to have additional Apple Watch Series 6 specific functionality, with a new blood oxygen sensor that can be used to warn the wearer of an impending panic attack. 

The push towards mental health and well-being doesn't end there, with a newly published patent revealing yet another snazzy feature for the Apple Watch Series 6 that will make yoga aficionados very happy!  

Spotted by Patently Apple, the tech giant has been granted a patent called "Pose and heart rate energy expenditure for yoga," which essentially means that the Apple Watch will be able to more accurately gauge the user's energy expenditure while doing yoga, via heart rate monitoring and using movement to figure out their poses. 

Additional data could allow for even more finely tuned tracking, with a skin temperature reading telling the watch whether the wearer is practising hot yoga or the regular kind. 

Apple Yoga

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If you use the Apple Watch for fitness tracking, these improvements will be a boon, with all of the data feeding back into the Fitness app (the new name for the Activity app).

As Tom's Guide notes, there's already a yoga preset on the Apple Watch which does a great job, but these tweaks will make it even better, collecting richer data about your sessions.

Before you hop off to order one, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Watch 3 could give the Apple Watch Series 6 a run for its money, but no doubt we'll hear more about both wearables in the coming weeks. 

Source: Tom's Guide

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