PS5 will unlock MIND-BLOWING God of War 2 gameplay – here's how

Gamers explain how they think the PS5's awesome gaming tech with lead to fantastic gameplay in God of War 2

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Gamers the world over were bowled over by that Unreal Engine 5 PS5 tech demo (watchable below), which - instantaneously on its unveiling - revealed just how much of a game-changer the PlayStation 5's futuristic SSD is going to be for games.

"“The ability to stream in content at extreme speeds enables developers to create denser and more detailed environments, changing how we think about streaming content," stated Epic's VP of Engineering, Nick Penwarden, after the show.

And now gamers are really starting to understand what Penwarden was talking about and believe in the power of the PS5 – and especially in how PS5 games (PlayStation 5 exclusives especially) are going to benefit.

Writing in the PS5 Reddit, user u/mega2222222222222222 hit the nail on the head when describing just how the PS5's SSD could transform the gameplay in the incoming sequel to the smash hit God of War.

"With the potential given from the ssd as shown with ratchet and clank it’s entirely possible for instantaneous realm traversal quite possibly we won’t even need to go to the travel room and we could possibly be given a bifrost that can let us travel to another realm at will"

In the thread, user AyyarKhan agreed and then added: "Or better yet a boss fight that spans multiple realms", before explaining that the developers had wanted to do this in the PS4 God of War but technical limitations in terms of load times got in the way.

"They said they wanted the Baldur fight in the last game to be like a DBZ fight where you punch and the guy crashes into a mountain but they couldn’t make it work due to hardware limitations. I think we’re going to see some epic s**t in the next one."

User GameDave01 then speculated to just what sort of awesome boss fights the PS5's SSD could unlock, stating that "Its probably gonna be thor vs world serpent and you go back in time thru the battle", with user sakipooh adding that you could be "pushed and thrown into different realities as the battle bends the Universe. Should be fun".

To us here at T3 we think that idea sounds awesome, and it really encapsulates just how much more power game makers are going to have on PS5 in the next-gen. We can't wait to ring up our PS5 pre-order, which are reportedly opening up imminently with Sony ensuring loyal PlayStation gamers won't be left empty handed. 

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