iPhone 12 leak says it will come with MASSIVE advantage over iPhone 13

The iPhone 12 is coming with tech that could be stripped out of the iPhone 13

iPhone 12
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The iPhone 12 looks better and better with every passing week right now. Indeed, only the other day did news of its absolutely rapid performance break cover, and we've heard plenty about its smart 3D camera system and raft of new software features, too.

Now, though, we've just got even more evidence of just how special the iPhone 12 is going to be – and it is going to be so special that not even next year's iPhone 13 looks like it will be able to match it.

That's because, Apple's first 5G phone is going to support both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G networks, while fresh reports indicate that next year's iPhone 13 will only feature one of them.

This news comes via DigiTimes, who report that:

"Apple's 2020 series of iPhones will work on both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G networks, but there is a good chance that the vendor may introduce new models supporting either of the bands but not both for specific markets in 2021"

There has been no indication of what these 'specific markets' are, but the reasoning behind the abandoning of the dual 5G band support could be to tailor the iPhone 13 more toward a certain area's 5G network strengths, while also cutting money off the production costs.

What is for certain, though, is that if this report ends up being true then next year's iPhone 13 might very well not have the same 5G chops as the iPhone 12, potentially making it weaker in terms of tapping into the world's emerging 5G networks.

For those who travel a lot, having the ability to tap into more types of 5G network is of increased importance, so many iPhone users could therefore find themselves better off using an iPhone 12 rather than an iPhone 13.

Sounds crazy, but many people are going to specifically upgrade to the iPhone 12 for its powerful 5G connection capabilities. So, with an iPhone 12 in hand, would you then want to upgrade to a phone that actually delivers a downgrade in terms of core performance?

Here at T3 we hope this report ends up being false, as right now we feel it is important that as many different types of 5G networks are supported as possible by devices to aid the adoption of the technology and drive growth.

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