iPhone 12 features leaked as rogue iOS 14 code breaks cover

iOS 14 is delivering some great new features to iPhone 12 and Apple's iPad range of tablets

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For Apple fans who have been eagerly waiting of news about the incoming iPhone 12 range and what iOS 14 is set to bring to the table, then Christmas has just come early, as a Cupertino donut-filling pile of information has just leaked out.

The information bomb went off at two Apple rumour sites that have solid track records in delivering accurate information, MacRumors and 9to5Mac, and are reportedly based on leaked iOS 14 code that reveals exciting new software features, services and products.

How the leaked code was obtained is currently unclear, and also exactly what build of iOS 14 it is from (and when that was made) is also not confirmed. For example, this code could be from a very early build or a very fresh one, but right now we don't know.

Regardless, the weight both Apple rumour sites have put behind the leak adds weight to its legitimacy, and with six months to go until Apple unveils its new iPhone range along with iOS 14, it makes sense that a pretty advanced build would be circulating among developers.

This is what we've learned from the iOS 14 leak:

1. A new feature called "PencilKit" is reportedly coming to iPhone 12 in iOS 14. This feature lets users write on a pop-up window on their device, which hovers over the UI, with an Apple Pencil stylus and then have that handwritten text converted into typed words. Apparently the feature will be available in any text input box available through the iOS 14 system.

2. iOS 14 is also reportedly set to introduce a brand new Apple fitness app that will link together the features currently delivered by Apple's current multitudinous health apps. The codename of this app is reportedly "Seymour", but word on the rumour grapevine is that it will be called Fit or Fitness in its final iOS 14 form. Downloadable workout videos are one new feature slated to be delivered, and the app is supposedly going to get a Apple Watch edition for watchOS 7.

3. Apple looks also like it is going to introduce a new iMessage feature in iOS 14 that will allow people to retract and withdraw messages that they have already posted. If a message was recalled, the receiver would get a message indicating that the message had been removed. In addition, according to the leak, iMessage is also set to get a mentions feature that would allow people type an @ symbol in a group message to see the list of people in the conversation.

4. A new AR app, which is codenamed "Gobi" is reportedly coming to iOS 14 and will give users information on products and things in their close proximity. According to the leak, Apple has been testing this feature in its own stores and with coffee chain Starbucks, and a currently in development API will allow third parties to create extensions of Gobi in their own apps.

5. Another new addition in iOS 14, according to the leaked information, is that Apple is going to introduce a list view for installed apps, which would be an alternative to the iPhone's traditional grid-based home screen. New filters, sorting orders and more are expected to come with the new list view.

6. Interestingly, one of the other reported new features coming in iOS 14 is that Apple is going to introduce system-wide support for mouse cursors. The leaked code reportedly has mentions of two new Smart Keyboard for the iPad range of tablets, too, and one of those new models supposedly comes with a built-in trackpad. This trackpad will come with its own gestures, too, including a tap with two fingers to right click option.

7. Finally, there is also reportedly a new Apple TV remote incoming along with an Apple-made Tile competitor product called AirTags, as well as a number of HomeKit improvements. In addition, the leak also indicates there will be the option to make a Apple HomePod the audio output choice for an Apple TV, new ways for filtering and selecting wallpapers, and that Touch ID will come to at least one model in the new iPhone 12 range.

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