Galaxy S21 Ultra video shows our best look yet at 2021 Samsung flagship

This video has us hyped for the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 video
(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

Not much is known right now about the Samsung Galaxy S21, which is set to launch next year in late February.

That said, there have been some early snippets of information heard in the tech rumour mill, including that the handset is set to have six moveable cameras, a hyper-advanced under-screen selfie camera, and feature the next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 system on a chip (Soc).

Now, though, we've got our best look yet at just how special the 2021 flagship could be thanks to this new Samsung Galaxy S21 video.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra shown off here is the brainchild of YouTube channel Technizo Concept who state that:

"Samsung Galaxy S21 series will reiterate the design decisions that Samsung has opted for in the past few years. Namely, we expect curved displays to become a thing of the past as Samsung has been gradually phasing the ultra-curved edges of old out, ironing the kinks and coming full-circle back to mostly flat displays."

For us here at T3 we like how this design features a small display built into the rear camera array, which looks like an evolution of that on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra but positioned horizontally instead of vertically. We also like its future-industrial aesthetic.

Unlike some previous concept videos, which showed very cool but clearly far-off futuristic features, this S21 Ultra design looks real and very manageable next year. Even that rear display feel doable as Samsung has years of experience now with this sort of tech thanks to its Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip folding phones.

All said, this phone looks quality to us, radiating a sense of power and prestige.

Here's hoping reports of an underwhelming S21 are therefore not true and instead Samsung treats it loyal fan base to a proper flagship device like depicted here, one that can go head-to-head with the ever more impressive looking Apple iPhone 12.

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