Bonkers Samsung Galaxy S21 Laser video shows us the smartphone future

A truly unique Samsung Galaxy phone video

Samsung Galaxy S21 Laser video
(Image credit: AndroidLeo)

While a lot of information is now leaking out about Samsung's next flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 20, such as most recently its design, very little is currently known about its next S-series flagship, the Galaxy S21/S30.

Indeed, the only thing we do know is that the Samsung Galaxy S21 looks set to come with a super-powerful new AMD RDNA GPU that outperforms current flagship Android phones by over 50%.

Well, thanks to a crazy-advanced new design for a handset dubbed the "Samsung Galaxy S30 Laser", we've got our most far-out, futuristic depiction yet of what a future Samsung S-series handset could look like. Check out the video below:

The Samsung Galaxy S30 Laser is the brainchild of concept designer AndroidLeo, who recently posted the video to YouTube, and it comes with a suite of advanced features and hardware.

The standout feature is the Laser's touch sensitive buttons on its side edge, which allows you to control music, view notifications, pick-up calls, check mail and also raise a flash light.

However, there's plenty of other amazing tech included, too. The phone's screen is a massive, bezel-free 4K resolution 6.8-inch display, while it also features a quad-camera system made up of a 108MP main sensor, 16MP telephoto sensor, 13MP ultrawide sensor and 8MP ultramacro sensor.

The Galaxy S21/ S30 Laser's front-facing selfie camera is a 25MP unit.

Internally, the hot smartphone tech continues with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, 16GB of RAM and a massive 1TB internal storage drive.

Lastly, AndroidLeo locks in the price for the Samsung Galaxy S21/ S30 Laser as $1299 in its top-spec configuration.

Here at T3 we love plenty about this Galaxy phone concept, such as the HTC U12+ style touch-sensitive button tech, as well as that massive, properly bezel-free 4K display.

Do we think the real Samsung Galaxy S21 will look like this? Absolutely not, as the phone depicted here looks orders of magnitude more advanced than what is currently possible in consumer handsets.

However, it is still very pleasant to see what a future Samsung Galaxy phone could look like, as if it looks anything like this, then Android phone lovers the world over are in for a proper treat.

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