iPhone 12 smoking tech weapon confirmed ready for Samsung Galaxy S21 launch

The Samsung Galaxy S21 with this next-gen phone tech will be very bad news for the Apple iPhone 12

Samsung Galaxy S21 Apple iPhone 12
(Image credit: Ts Designer)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is going to be a truly awesome Android phone when it releases in early 2021, with advanced technology like its god-tier processor and incendiary graphics chip already looking set to take the fight to the Apple iPhone 12 fiercely.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 tech weapon that we hear more rumours about than anything else, though, is that it is going to come with a game-changing under-screen selfie camera, with Samsung's own leakster-in-chief confirming in April that the South Korean maker was "evaluating the feasibility of the technology".

And, excitingly, that under-display camera system tease just got another very big nudge in the right direction, as Ice universe has just returned once more with the news that Chinese display manufacturer Visionox has just confirmed it is entering mass-production of an under-display camera solution.

That is really exciting news for Samsung Galaxy fans, as well as phone users the world over, as for a company to enter mass-production of a product, that shows that they are confident with its quality and results. The door is now seemingly completely open for, as Ice unverse says, "the world's first under-display camera phone" to be released.

Now, while there is no official confirmation that the Galaxy S21 will come with an under-display camera system, this latest development adds plenty of weight to the "feasibility of the technology", as right now an actual commercial system in ramping up for mass production.

And, with 8 months until the Samsung Galaxy S21 is scheduled for launch, that leaves plenty of time for an under-display camera system to be adopted. Here's hoping top brass at Samsung HQ are already mobilising.

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