PS5 video shows minimalist PlayStation 5 game menu design

This PS5 UI concept shows us how the PlayStation 5 home screen could look like

PS5 PlayStation 5 UI
(Image credit: Paulo Manso)

Very little is left unknown now about the Sony PS5, with us now having a full view of its specs, design and launch accessories.

Only days ago, too, did we get a brand new look at the graphics the PlayStation 5 is capable of in a next-gen eye candy-stuffed video trailer.

What we still don't know is the PS5 price, PS5 release date (although late November is heavily rumoured), or what the PlayStation 5 user interface will look like.

Well, thanks to a brand new video, we've just got our clearest look yet at just what the PS5's sign-in and home screen could look like.

The video here comes courtesy of Brazilian animator and graphic designer Paulo Manso, who produced the concept based on what he thought the PS5's menu would look like.

This isn't the first PS5 UI that Paulo has produced, either, with this variant posted online 6 months ago.

The basic structure of the menu appears the same in this new design, but clearly the already revealed PS5 sign-in screen has been an inspiration. This is the sign-in screen that was leaks by Tom Warren back in June.

This is one of the more minimalist PlayStation 5 user interface concepts we've seen to date, with this sterling effort as well as this beauty two of the more standout designs. These two PS5 UI videos can be seen below.

[Video] This is the best PS5 UI concept I've seen so far! (more in comments) from r/PS5

Hopefully we will finally get to see what the real PS5's user interface will look like soon, as too news on when we can expect PS5 pre-orders to open. Most retailers now have their PlayStation 5 hub pages up and running, and it really seems to be a case of Sony just sounding the starting gun before consoles can be locked in.

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