PS5 video: This PlayStation 5 UI looks absolutely stunning

The Sony PS5 running with a user interface like this would be a dream come true for many gamers

PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Joshua Oluwagbemiga)

Gamers desperate for a PS5 reveal, while completely understanding and supportive of Sony's decision to postpone (in our mind here at T3 it was absolutely the right thing to do), were no doubt still a little disappointed that last week's official PlayStation 5 event didn't take place.

That's because the PlayStation event was to be our first chance to see next-gen PS5 games in action, with hype surrounding the yet-to-be-officially-revealed games console once more at fever pitch.

The recent reveal that the PlayStation 5 is almost too fast for the next-gen Unreal Engine 5, which looked jaw-dropping in the recent tech demo, has got gamers around the world salivating for the epic gaming experiences now just over the horizon.

However, while we all may not have got a look at these awesome PS5 launch games, what we have just got is a fantastic new depiction of just how we all might be all accessing those games on the PlayStation 5 console.

That's because this stunning PS5 user interface video design has just hit the internet, and it is one of the very best we've seen. Check it out in full below:

The PlayStation 5 user interface shown here is the work of talented designer Joshua Oluwagbemiga, who posted it up on his own official Twitter account.

The user interface in question shows a gorgeous, heavily image led home screen, where plenty of next-gen PS5 games are shown off, including Horizon Zero Dawn II and Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Lots of current-gen titles are also shown, including Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Red Dead Redemption II, God of War and Apex Legends.

Other neat details are also shown off. When a game is highlighted on the PS5 menu system, underneath the game is shown their latest checkpoint, as well as latest trophy earned. The game's full details can also be accessed at the touch of a button, and Sony's classic XrossMediaBar allows cycling through games, media and the PlayStation Store.

The UI concept also shows that the PlayStation 5's official DualSense controller is connected, as too how gamers would select their own personal account when logging on.

Here at T3 we love how clean and image-heavy this PS5 user interface concept is, and it reminds us of the fantastic effort we saw back in March this year. That UI design was also visually very arresting, and really teased what Sony could be about to deliver.

Hopefully we will hear more about when Sony is planning to reschedule its PS5 event soon, as hopefully we will then be treated to not just a sizzle reel of awesome PS5 games to get excited about, but also just what the PlayStation 5 and its UI will officially look like.

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