New Motiva running/walking trainer is the most exciting Nike shoe launch this year

Featuring new rocker geometry, the accessibly-priced Nike Motiva can help propel you forward with comfort and ease

Nike launches Motiva running/walking/jogging shoes
(Image credit: Nike)

I get excited over most Nike releases – I was on holiday when the new Peg 40 was launched last week, sadly, so I couldn't report on it – but the company's latest drop filled me with more joy than any other launch from Nike this year (although I haven't tried the Nike Vaporfly 3 yet). The reason for my excitement is the Nike Motiva, a new running/jogging/walking shoe that seemingly ticks all the boxes I want from my footwear: it looks great, is versatile and accessibly priced. Hooray!

Of course, I'm not saying the new Nike Motiva is the best Nike running shoe; it's just a very, very exciting concept. According to the brand, the idea came from looking at data in the Nike Run Club app. The Nike team noticed that the majority of women logging their first workout in the app were averaging a 13-minute mile. They weren’t just running at that pace – they were fluctuating between walking, jogging and running throughout their activity.

Nika launches Motiva running/jogging/walking shoes

(Image credit: Nike)

The Nike Motiva is said to help these first-time runners and people who don't yet belong to the 'split short gang' (those fast runners who'd do anything for marginal gains on races) to move around more comfortably. To do just that, Nike focused on the transition between the different states of movement (walking/jogging/running).

As the company explains, at a slower pace, people are more likely to strike the ground heel-first. Therefore, the sole of the Motiva features an exaggerated rocker that helps provide a smooth transition, easing your foot to the ground after heel impact before rolling your foot forward to push back off for your next step.

The shoes also feature full-length Cushlon 3.0 foam in the midsole for added cushioning. New ComfortGroove bumps on the outsole (pictured above) help make it even softer, according to Nike. Finally, a soft foam waterfall collar is said to hug around the ankle and heel, while an internal half-bootie helps seamlessly get the shoe on and off.

The Nike Motiva has a recommended retail price of £99.95 (approx. $124/AU$185) and will be offered in both women’s and men’s sizes in a range of colours beginning in May 2023. Technical details: offset 12 mm, weight (W8): W8 253.6 g (per shoe/half pair). For more information about the Motiva, visit Nike today. For more information on running and walking shoes, check out T3's best women's running shoes and best women's walking shoe guides.

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