My odd Prime Day deal purchase: this Cleaning Slime Putty will change my life

The Cleaning Slime Putty is part cleaning tool, part stress toy and I can't wait to give this Amazon Prime Day deal a go soon

ColorCoral Keyboard Cleaner Cleaning Slime Putty
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I'm a man of many talents, as they say, and as well as being fairly knowledgeable about everything fitness, I also love a bit of cleaning every now and then. As a matter of fact, I get super excited when I come across new cleaning products: I went bananas on that vinegar cleaner I found in my local supermarket a couple of weeks ago, almost as much as when I stumbled upon the Prime Day deal of my dreams: a peculiar looking Cleaning Slime Putty that will help my clean my keyboard and car vents clean.

• Buy the ColorCoral Keyboard Cleaning Slime Putty (4 pack) for £6.29 at Amazon, was £8.99, you save £2.70 at Amazon

I admit, this isn't the biggest Amazon Prime Day discount out there and even T3 staff members seem to prefer tech deals over cleaning putty – everyone here is buying the Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones now – but I don't care, I want my slime putty and nothing else. I can't wait to try it and since it's an Amazon Prime purchase, it's going to arrive in no time too. 🤞

ColorCoral Cleaning Slime Putty (4 pack) | Was £8.99 | Now £6.29 | You save £2.70 (30%) at Amazon

ColorCoral Cleaning Slime Putty (4 pack) | Was £8.99 | Now £6.29 | You save £2.70 (30%) at Amazon
Is the ColorCoral Cleaning Slime Putty an impulse buy? It's cheap and looks fun to use so I would say yes. I'm sure it'll be saturated at some point but with this Prime Day deal, you get a 4-pack for just over £6 and that should last for at least a little while. It's great for cleaning keyboards, car air vents, fan grills, home phones, everything.

ColorCoral Cleaning Slime Putty

Apparently, you can also clean plant leaves (?) with the putty

(Image credit: ColorCoral)

Should you buy the ColorCoral Cleaning Slime Putty on Amazon Prime Day?

The real question to ask here is why should you not buy the cleaning putty: your keyboard looks disgusting and you probably haven't cleaned it for a while now. Worse still, even if you tried, usually you can't clean the spaces in between the keys, making the situation even worse as you just get the holes around the keys filled up with dirt when you try to wipe the top of the keyboard clean.

I'm looking at my keyboard as I write this and honestly, as much as I try to keep it clean, it looks revolting, can't wait for the cleaning putty to arrive. I could always take the keyboard apart and clean it properly – something I should do soon, judging by the state of these keys – but I'll make using the putty part of my daily routine so the keyboard is kept at least somewhat clean.

• Buy the ColorCoral Keyboard Cleaning Slime Putty (4 pack) for £6.29 at Amazon, was £8.99, you save £2.70 at Amazon

And it's not just keyboards you can clean with the putty, it's also great for cleaning car air vents, apparently, another thing that bugs me with its uncleanliness. Those thin vents sprinkled all over the dashboard are dust magnets, but I think the cleaning putty will be able to sort the situation out soon enough. This magical cleaning tool can also clean dusty plant leaves, as it turned out!

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And finally, here is a video of a different brand, just to give you an idea how the cleaning putty works:

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