I found the weirdest Amazon Prime Day deal. It's a hamster swing

'Weirdest Amazon Prime Day Deal' award goes to this cheap hamster swing offer that will surely lighten up any rodents day

Amazon Prime Day hamster swing deal
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When you're looking at Amazon Prime Day deals for as long as I do (it feels like it's been weeks by now), after a while, you get bored with finding the best Prime Day deals and you start looking for all the weird stuff that's on offer. That's when you'll find stuff like egg-shaped kids crayons and revolving condiment holders, both pure gold if you ask me. But even those pale in comparison with the weirdest deal I found: a six pack of hamster chew toys which includes a hamster swing. And yes, hamsters do use swings, I linked a video below to prove it.

• Buy the FASTER Hamster Chew Toys (6 pack), incl. THE hamster swing, was £14.99, Now £5.66, you save £9.33 at Amazon

What a bargain! The 6-pack set also includes a seesaw, a radish, a small bell roller, a larger bell roller, a climbing ladder and a barkless watermelon well ball. Better still, the hamster entertainment pack has glowing reviews, such as this one: "Bought these for my son's hamster. He always use to chew cage bars. This is such a great set! I’m so glad I bought the set and not all individual". Brilliant.

FASTER Hamster Chew Toys | Was £14.99 | Now £5.66 | You save £9.33 (62%) at Amazon

FASTER Hamster Chew Toys | Was £14.99 | Now £5.66 | You save £9.33 (62%) at Amazon
These non-toxic wooden chew toys will not only turn your hamster's living space into a playhouse but can also alleviate anxiety and stress. Being chew toys and all, the Faster Hamster Chew Toys will promote healthy teeth and stop your gerbil  to chew on the cage bars like a madman.

Hamster Chew Toys

Look at that happy gerbil, swinging away. the hamster on the left looks a bit Photoshopped to me, though.

(Image credit: FASTER)

Should you buy the FASTER Hamster Chew Toy set on Amazon Prime Day?

Admittedly, chew toys for hamsters will not come in handy if you haven't got a hamster as such, something Amazon doesn't sell as far as I'm concerned. Or don't sell just yet, I'm sure at some point in the not so distant future you will be able to buy animals at Amazon too.

But if you haven't got a hamster, should you buy this set? Maybe your child can use them as a swing for Barbies (not that kind of swing) or you can possibly even use it as decoration around the house? Come to think of it, maybe it's not the best idea to give small wooden toys to smaller children, so maybe that isn't a great idea after all.

• Buy the FASTER Hamster Chew Toys (6 pack), incl. THE hamster swing, was £14.99, Now £5.66, you save £9.33 at Amazon

On second thought, you could use the swing in the garden and I'm sure a local squirrel would love to munch on that fake wooden carrot. If you need even more toys, you can get a 10-pack version which also includes a little hamster barbell and an wooden ab roller, from what I can tell, plus a pile of sticks. Get in, what a barg.

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And finally, here is a video of hamsters enjoying their swings:

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