Moto Razr 2 set to take on Galaxy Z Flip with this BIG upgrade

The battle of the clamshells is about to heat up as Motorola gets back in the game with a display upgrade for the Razr 2

Moto Razr and Galaxy Z Flip
(Image credit: Samsung/ Motorola)

Motorola didn't have much luck with its foldable Razr clamshell when it launched earlier this year, with the huge $1,500 price tag sticking in the maw of consumers who weren't ready to swallow the shoddy build quality and underwhelming specs. 

Meanwhile, Samsung had it own problems with 2019's Galaxy Fold - its first attempt at a foldable device - but managed to right the ship with the improved Galaxy Fold that launched a few month later. By the time it moved onto the Galaxy Z Flip, it had implemented solutions for the commonly encountered issues of a foldable, and with the revamped Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Samsung seems to be the only smartphone manufacturer with solid foldable offerings. But that could all be about to change.    

Industry leaker, Ross Young, has a doozy of leak about Motorola's follow-up clamshell, saying the second iteration will be sporting a whopping 6.85-inch inner display, up from the original's 6.2-inch main screen.  

The amended specs will apparently see the launch date of the handset pushed back, and given its autumn release window was already reportedly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this plants the release firmly in the Q1 2021 window. 

Just last week, Twitter leaker Evan Blass posted images of what he claimed to be the Moto Razr 2 sporting a smaller chin and bezel, which means the fingerprint scanner has been scrapped to free up more of the display.   

The foldable is rumoured to house a dual front-facing camera (48MP + 20MP), but that's really all we've heard about the device so far. 

Whether it'll be enough to give the revamped Z Flip a run for its money is anyone's guess at this point. Motorola will need to give the smartphone one hell of an overhaul at this stage, but if it pulls it off, the delay will be worth it. 

Source: Tom's Guide

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