Apple Watch 6 lines up the sci-fi upgrade we're desperate for

Apple Watch 6 with this advanced technology? Shut up and take our money!

Apple Watch 6
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The Apple Watch 6 could come with an advanced new wireless antenna that is built directly into the wearable's screen, if a brand new report is to be believed.

As reported by Tom's Guide, a patent that was spotted originally by AppleInsider, shows a wireless antenna built into the smart watch's display, with it spreading out in a wide grid under the screen rather than in the narrow formation it takes in already released Apple Watches.

The result of this new tech, while unspecified in terms of a number in the patent, is superior wireless connections, with the technology potentially unlocking the ability to free the Apple Watch even further from any companion iPhone.

Apple Watch 6

The wireless antenna is designed to run as a grid under the Apple Watch's screen.

(Image credit: USPTO)

And, here at T3, the idea that your Apple Watch could act as a single communications device, working as both a wearable and a streamlined iPhone, is tantalising.

We don't think it will be the case anytime soon that people will be able to completely ditch their mobile phone, however, the idea that you could use a future Apple Watch more like a Star Trek communicator is definitely something we can get behind.

After all, there are plenty of times when carrying a phone isn't ideal (such as when exercising) and if enhanced wireless connectivity in the Apple Watch 6 can make that less of a problem then we welcome it.

This new wireless antenna joins the recent news that the Apple Watch 6 is in line for enhanced health and wellness functionality as well as some really impressive yoga features.

What will the Apple Watch Series 6 look like? This video gives us our best look yet:

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