Microsoft’s Cortana nearly ready for UK launch

Move over Siri, stand aside Google Now

In mere weeks, Cortana will be cosying up to Brit blowers…it's time for Microsoft to get siri-ous.

Cortana, the personal assistant for Windows Phones, has been slated for a UK release in “weeks not months,” according to Microsoft executive types.

The comments were made by Marcus Ash, Group Program Manager for the Cortana project.

Ash says the voice-controlled AI should be ready to launch in the UK and China soon, but contested rumours that the software would be available for iOS and Android in the near future.

“We are in Beta and we are in the US and we know before we do anything else we need to scale and get Cortana out to more customers.”

Cortana was unveiled at Microsoft's BUILD conference earlier this year and is voiced by Jen Taylor, the actress behind the eponymous character in the Halo video game series.

The software is available in beta on Windows Phones in the United States, with worldwide rollout set for 2014/2015.